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Cromania! is Crom Saunders’ one-man show featuring skits that incorporate pop culture, impersonations, improvisation, American Sign language, puns, and physical feats into one big laugh fest. Crom came up with the idea for this show based on his love of books, theatre, and movies. He draws a lot from contemporary film and theatre, but also pays homage to the classics like Shakespeare and classic horror movies.

Crom tell stories about his life – from childhood
to college and beyond.

Crom turn into the Incredible Hulk before your
eyes on stage.

Crom do his “Quickspeare”, a ten minute,
13-character modern version of Shakespeare’s

Crom making fun of movie directors and their
filming styles.

and much more!


Son of Cromania Video
Son of Cromania Video
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Once in every lifetime, along comes a video that will change your perspective, cure your ills, give you a new lease on life, and fill you with happiness for the rest of your days.

This is not that film.

But if you want to see some funny stuff by Crom Saunders- stories of his life experiences, stories he created, and stories of everything in between- then “Son of Cromania!” is for you!

This DVD includes stories such as “My Very Smart Cat”, “Why I Love Horror”, and “My Lipreading Blues” and more!

Ink-Stained Fingertips Poetry DVD

ASL translations of English poetry by Crom Saunders

Over 60 classic and contemporary poems in this collection!

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